Meet the System

Hey guys! I’m James (he/him), the host and a protector. I’ve been the host since the body was about 14, but more and more I share the responsibility with Kate. Speaking of Kate, she is one of my best friends, and was the only alter I always knew about (as an imaginary friend, not an alter, but still). I am 18, which matches the body’s age too. I’m an artist, and I went to an arts boarding school up until I graduated last year. I handle a lot of the systems daily responsibilities with the help of Kate.

Hello! My name is Kate (she/her), and like James said, we are best friends. I hold a lot of trauma for the system, but in general I am a pretty cheerful person, and I love being around people. Because I am a trauma holder I used to spend almost all my time inside, but more and more I’ve gotten to come out and heal, which had been very nice.  I love my friends and watching Netflix and caring for my houseplants.

My name is Forest (she/her), and I am the original/first piece. That being said, I don’t come out much at all. When I was young I decided to go inside for a very long time and did not speak to James and Kate at all. But sometimes I will say a few things to them now, and even more occasionally (although starting to happen more!) I actually front on my own. I love to read and climb trees. I love to be in nature and prefer a quiet and calm environment. 

The next alter is Eliza, but I (James) will write her post for her, as she is only 4! She is our system’s little and she is adorable and very bubbly. She has a really happy disposition and is very curious and outgoing. Her hobbies include coloring, playing with her stuffed animals, and we are teaching her how to read and write a bit!! (these skills get really hard to do when she is out). Every week she asks that I buy her gingersnaps from the supermarket because they are her favorite food.