Post Therapy Routine

Back when James was the only one attending therapy, and when he only went once a week, we didn’t really have any therapy rituals in place. This was because James had to go to therapy on his lunch break and had to go right back to class afterwards, but also just because he didn’t think he needed them at the time.

This lack of time after created some weird situations -(hello crying in school bathrooms)- but was mostly fine. However when I, Kate, Started to go to therapy+ trauma stuff started to come up, I had MELTDOWNS after the first two or three sessions of even mentioning it. I had just started to see my T, Alex, and I stupidly didn’t tell her what talking about it was doing to me. Luckily, I think she could tell I wasn’t ready to go there, and we worked on more stabilization first.

During that period I just got into the habit of walking home from Alex’s office while listening to music and thinking about the session. I think the walking helps me loosen up my body after being in a prolonged period of stress. When I get home it’s lunch time and I make food. While things are cooking I write down what happened in the session. Just the basics- major topics, things that stuck with me, things to think about before next time. This helps with any memory issues, and helping all of the parts benefit if what you discussed was relevant to them (and if it isn’t- you can always keep it private). Once my food is ready I put my list away and forget about it all watch TV while I eat.

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